Connect Blank Clear Button Stickers-2 Pack

FluentPet Connect Blank Clear Button Stickers-2 Pack

Make your dog buttons easy to recognize and remember
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  • 2 x Blank Clear Button Sticker Sheets (49 stickers per sheet)
  • Make your button easy to recognize and remember
  • Customize with any words or concepts

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Label Your FluentPet Connect Buttons

By adding labels to each button, you can easily differentiate between them, making it simpler for both you and your furry friend to understand which button corresponds to which concept or action. 

Our Connect Blank Button Stickers come with two sheets of 49 blank stickers, providing you with the freedom to create any words or concepts you want to teach your dog or cat. These stickers are clear, making it possible to see the button when it lights up.

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What is Button Bootcamp?

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Jump start teaching your dog or cat to talk with confidence by attending our 30-minute interactive Button Bootcamp, a $40 value which is free with your purchase.

The Free Get Started With Buttons Guide

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