FluentPet Guide Program

FluentPet Guide Program

Become a FluentPet Guide

We’re in uncharted territory and we’d value your help.

  • Invitations to exclusive virtual and in-person meetups and events

  • Private online forums and discussion groups

  • Opportunities to be featured on FluentPet social media

  • Teaching and mentorship opportunities

  • First to know about new products and services

  • Educational and skill-building workshops

  • Weekly updates from the FluentPet team

Advancing your learner takes time and commitment. We want to support you on your journey.

Being a FluentPet Guide is an acknowledgment by FluentPet that you’ve had success with buttons, that you share our core AIC (Augmentative Interspecies Communication) values (Guide Guidelines), and that when you provide teaching advice or share your story, you’re speaking from a place of genuine experience and success.

The FluentPet Guide Program is designed to support you as a teacher as you and your learner advance. You don’t need to have millions of followers or even a social media presence—eligibility is based on your learner’s progress!

To qualify to become a FluentPet Guide, you must:

    • Use FluentPet buttons or HexTiles
    • Be able to show examples of success with button teaching
    • Demonstrate good judgment in button-teaching and community engagement

Meet Some of Our Guides

If you are interested in becoming a FluentPet Guide, we’d love for you to apply!