FluentPet Sound Button

Record-and-play buttons

  • 1 x FluentPet Dog Talking Buttons
  • Includes Pre-Installed Batteries
  • Customizable with any High-Quality words or sounds
  • Designed to be ultra-easy to press (even for small dogs)
  • Compact design (fit more buttons into a smaller space!)
  • Long-lasting batteries capable of hundreds of plays
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Start With a Few Key Words

With buttons and HexTiles, this kit lets you create a soundboard and gives you everything you need to start teaching your learner key words like “potty”, “water”, “play”, and “outside”.

Play back any sound you record using the best microphone and speaker

Each FluentPet Sound Button can play back any sound you record into it using the best microphone and speaker we could get.

Dog Sound Buttons Designed to be Easily Pressed

We strived to give each button the lightest possible touch mechanism, making them easy for even small learners to activate.

Sound Buttons That Don't Take Up Too Much Space

FluentPet Sound Buttons are small, so even if you have dozens of words they don’t take up much space, and your learner can quickly move from one button to the other.


Customizable with any words or sounds you'd like to teach your learner.

Easy To Press

Designed to be ultra-easy to press even for small learners.


Compact design means you can fit more buttons into a smaller space!


Nina H.★★★★★

Something funny happened when I set up the buttons in the hextiles. Kalifa went nuts, and pressed them all over and over again. She loves it 😊

Sarah Ekstrand★★★★★

Really like that the buttons are so easy to push, with both nose and paw, even for a smaller dog. Very easy to record and good fit on everything.

Erin Weiner★★★★★

Best product on the market for dogs! Highly recommended! Excellent customer service and an all around great product! No instructions needed. The buttons are the perfect size for my 5lb dog.

Shannon Ryan★★★★★

I ordered the starter kit. I had tried another brand of buttons in the past, but my dog had a hard time pressing them and was get frustrated. These are much easier for him, but one button stopped working after 3 days. The company responded immediately and has already shipped a replacement. Great product, great customer service.

Allie Stelzner★★★★★

My dog and I are really enjoying the learning process and training to help her communicate in a whole new way. I had a problem with on of the buttons, I emailed them about my issue. They responded very quickly and resolved my problem. Their customer service is fantastic.


I purchased the Basic Vocabulary kit and was pleased by what arrived. The product presentation is neat and tidy. The boards are flexible but durable. The buttons are small, roughly the size of a large dog paw. This really helps save in space and didn't present any issues with my dog finding the ones he wanted.

The best part of purchasing this kit came around a week or so in when a button suddenly stopped working. I reached out to customer service and was put in touch with Pam and Melody. They kindly and patiently walked me through some steps to help them trouble shoot my conundrum before sending me two replacement buttons. I'm really grateful they did so, and am excited to continue our journey learning to use the fluentpet buttons.

Daisy Griffiths★★★★★

A great package, good value for money. Packaged lovely and lots of guidance contained in the box, as well as on emails. Feeling supported and guided how to use for best results. Thank you

I have a bloodhound, and the buttons are small but there is no issues with him pressing them. I would just need more tiles to spread them out when I get more.

Organize Words
to Simplify Learning

HexTiles keep a firm grip on your FluentPet Sound Buttons and organize them by word category.
Easy For All Breed Of Learners To Tell Apart

We designed the HexTiles' color patterns to be easy for learners to tell apart, even if they see colors and shapes differently. 

Expandable as your Learner's Vocabulary Grows

As your learner’s vocabulary grows, their soundboard can easily expand thanks to the HexTile’s design and puzzle piece connectors.


Organize their words to help your learner discover and remember


Each holds 6 sound buttons securely while allowing for easy expansion


Durable and non-slip, our compact HexTiles take up minimal space at only 7.9 in (200 mm) in diameter and fit snugly together in any configuration you choose

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