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FluentPet Soundboard Carrier

Take your FluentPet Soundboard with you!
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  • 1 x Carrier Belt
  • 6 x Carrier Spacers
  • Maintain communication continuity when traveling
  • Help reinforce words by using in different environments
  • Avoid accidental button activation
  • Hold up to 6 FluentPet Compact HexTiles

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Note: FluentPet Sound Buttons sold separately—shown for illustration purposes only

Comes with…

1 – Carrier Belt
6 – Carrier Spacers

Take your FluentPet Soundboard with you!

By popular request, we’ve built the FluentPet Soundboard Carrier to let learners express themselves wherever they are. With the FluentPet Soundboard Carrier, taking your FluentPet Compact HexTiles and FluentPet Sound Buttons on the go with you is easy.

  • Maintain communication continuity when visiting, vacationing, traveling, camping, or going to the sitter
  • Help reinforce words by using the soundboard in different environments 

Carry and protect your soundboard

Keep your FluentPet Sound Buttons and FluentPet Compact HexTiles organized as you move them to another location with the FluentPet Soundboard Carrier.

  • Sound buttons stay in the HexTiles during transport… no need to remove and replace all the buttons every time you move the soundboard
  • Avoid accidental button activation when moving your soundboard—avoiding learner confusion and annoyances
  • Hold up to 6 FluentPet Compact HexTiles securely with 6 spacers and a carrier strap—protecting the HexTiles and buttons

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