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Get our free, interactive Junior Teacher Workbook designed to guide kids on their journey of teaching their dogs and cats to talk.
An Interactive Workbook Exclusively for Kids

Packed full of STEM-based lessons, activities, and interactive experiences, our workbook provides kids the know-how and confidence to embark on an exciting button journey with their learner.

What's in the Workbook?

The Junior Teacher Workbook takes a STEM education approach of hands-on, problem-based learning to guide young teachers. From how to read your cat or dog’s body language to step-by-step lessons for each stage of button teaching, this kit is designed to set both the junior teacher and their learner up for success.

Animal Interactions

Safe and considerate animal interactions.

Body Language

How to read your learner’s (e.g., dog’s or cat’s) body language.

Button Teaching

Goal setting for button teaching process.

Interactive Lessons

Step-by-Step interactive lessons for each stage of the button teaching process.


Quizzes to measure knowledge and celebrate progress.

Games & Activities

Fun, interactive, and educational games and activities.

Soundboard Planning

Button and HexTile cutouts for planning your soundboard set-up.

Progress Worksheets

Progress-tracking journal pages and graphing worksheet.


FluentPet Junior Teacher Certificate of Completion.

The Perfect Button Kit for Junior Teachers

Start your child's teaching journey today with this fun and easy-to-use button kit.

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Any Questions?

All animals are “smart” in their own unique way! There are different kinds of intelligence aside from the traditional human definition. A desire to communicate and interact with you is just as, if not more, important than conventional intelligence when it comes to teaching buttons. The Junior Teacher’s Workbook provides a step-by-step process on button teaching and our community can share what has worked for them based on their learner’s age and temperament.

Honestly, it depends. Every learner (human or animal) is different. As with most things, the more time you put into button teaching, the more you and your learner will likely get out of it. However, we often find that having all family members, including Junior Teachers, engaged in the process can expedite learning, especially if they are working in tandem with a parent. We do recommend being as consistent as possible in modeling and responding in the very early stages, especially the first week or so that your learner begins actively using the buttons. It’s important to understand that buttons are meant to be incorporated into your daily lifestyle and routine so it's more about forming new habits in your interactions with your learner than outlining rigorous teaching schedules.

When it comes to button communication, we’ve found it is more about the dog’s/cat’s personality than age, as well as the training techniques used (best to keep it fun and stress free), and consistency in teaching (modeling). 

While we have many animal trainers using talking buttons with their learners, the majority of our FluentPet community has no training background. This is a journey that animals and humans take together, learning from one another what works best for their unique relationship. We are here to support you every step of the way, through our Junior Teacher's Workbook as well as our community.

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