Dog Talking Buttons

Teach Your Dog
to Talk With Buttons

Find out what your dog wants and needs with recordable talking buttons.

Why use Dog Talking Buttons?

Strengthen Communication, Bonding, and Mental Stimulation

Mental Stimulation

By keeping your dog's mind active and helping prevent boredom, talking dog buttons can decrease the chances of destructive behavior and anxiety.

Improved Communication

By using buttons, your dog can express their needs and emotions more accurately than relying solely on body language and visual cues.

Enhanced Bonding

Talking buttons allow you to get to know your dog's preferences and personality, strengthening your relationship through mutual understanding.

Can dogs really talk using buttons?

The Closest You'll Get to Talking with Your Dog

While it is not the same as true language, many people have found the relationship with their dog transformed through the use of buttons. Here are some of their amazing stories:

How do talking buttons work?

Three Simple Steps to Teaching Buttons

Record a Word or Phrase

Record a word or phrase that is motivating to your dog and easy to "model" or show what it means, like "Outside".

Show Your Dog How to Use the Button

"Model" how to use the button by pressing it, saying the word aloud and then doing the thing associated with the button.

Reinforce Learning

When your dog presses a button, respond appropriately to let them know you understand. This helps your dog learn which button means which word or action.

How long will it take to teach my dog?

Teach Them to Use Buttons in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day

Buttons are meant to be incorporated into your daily routine so it's more about forming new habits in your interactions with your learner than outlining rigorous teaching schedules.

Do I need to be a dog trainer?

No Training Background Required

While we have many animal trainers using dog talking buttons with their learners, the majority of our FluentPet community has no training background.

Why choose fluentPet?

The Original Dog Talking Buttons

FluentPet is the pioneer and original creator of dog talking buttons, used by the world's most popular and influential "talking" dogs and cats.

FluentPet Buttons are Easy to Press

Ultra-Easy to Press

Engineered to respond to the lightest touch, our buttons work for dogs even the smallest breeds of dogs

FluentPet HexTiles

Organize with HexTiles

Durable and non-slip, our HexTiles each hold six buttons securely, allowing for easy expansion.

FluentPet are Quality Sounding Buttons

High-Quality Sound

The highest quality sound ensures both dogs and their humans can hear and understand each button press

FluentPet Expandable HexTiles

Expandables Kits

Our interlocking HexTiles create an expandable soundboard to organize your words and grow with your learner

FluentPet Connect

Most Advanced System

We offer the only app-integrated system that sends press notifications to your phone in case you're away from the soundboard

FluentPet Offers Free Training Guides

Free Training Guides

Our step-by-step downloadable resources ensure you know exactly what to do to teach your dog to use buttons.

Is my dog smart enough?

A dog button kit for every level

The Hesitant Learner

Tester Kit

Hesitant learners are often cautious when trying new things. Our Tester Kit provides two buttons to get them started. However, because these learners tend to accelerate once they start pressing, a bigger kit might be helpful based on your learner’s style.

Get The Tester Kit

The Steady Learner

Get Started Kit

Steady learners are generally willing to try new things but at their own pace. From there, their progress can increase rapidly. Our Get Started Kit has 6 buttons, enough to get you started and ensure you have more on hand for when their learning accelerates. 

View The Get Started Kit

The Bold Learner

Basic Vocab Kit

Bold learners are open to trying new things and pick them up quickly. We recommend Basic Vocab so you have enough buttons on hand to keep up with their expanding vocabulary and make sure you keep them challenged.

Get the Basic Vocab Kit

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