Big-Paw HexTile

Big-Paw HexTile
Big-Paw HexTile
Big-Paw HexTile
Big-Paw HexTile
Big-Paw HexTile
Big-Paw HexTile
Big-Paw HexTile

Big-Paw HexTile

Organize their words
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  • 1 x FluentPet Big-Paw HexTile (soft-top)
  • Compact design holds 6 sound buttons
  • Durable and non-slip
  • Portable and easily disassembled
  • Offers six patterns for different word categories
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Note: FluentPet Sound Buttons sold separately—shown for illustration purposes only.

Reduce “mumbling” with added space between FluentPet Sound Buttons

Learners with larger paws and lots of buttons can now avoid unintentionally pressing multiple buttons at the same time! FluentPet Big-Paw HexTiles securely hold FluentPet Sound Buttons and are designed with more inter-button space than our standard FluentPet Compact HexTiles. More space between FluentPet Sound Buttons means more precise communications. Grow your soundboard by connecting additional FluentPet Big-Paw HexTiles. 

Configurable HexTiles organize words to simplify learning

Inspired by insights from the cognitive sciences, HexTiles keep a firm grip on your FluentPet Sound Buttons and organize them by word category. We designed the HexTiles’ color patterns to be easy for any learner to tell apart, even if they see colors and shapes differently. As your learner’s vocabulary grows, their soundboard can easily expand thanks to the HexTile’s design and puzzle piece connectors.

  • Lets you organize their words to help your learner discover and remember 
  • Each holds 6 sound buttons securely while allowing easy expansion
  • Durable and non-slip, our Big-Paw HexTiles are 9.6 in (245 mm) in diameter and fit snugly together in any configuration
  • Portable and easily disassembled—allows your learner to express themselves whether at home or away
  • Offers six patterns for different word categories
    • Actions (e.g. potty, play, help)
    • Objects (e.g. water, ball, toy)
    • Places (e.g. outside, park, bed)
    • Subjects (e.g. Mama, Daddy, Fluffy)
    • Social (e.g. love you, want, where)
    • Descriptors (e.g. all done, later, now)

Please note: Big Paw HexTIles DO NOT connect with FluentPet Compact HexTiles or other sized HexTiles.

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