Edge Pieces

FluentPet Edge Pieces
FluentPet Edge Pieces
FluentPet Edge Pieces
FluentPet Edge Pieces

Edge Pieces

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Note: HexTiles not included and sold separately. Images for illustrative purposes only.

Protect the edges of your sound board by using FluentPet Edge Pieces

  • 39 edge pieces in total
    • 21 “points” (outer corners)
    • 18 “joints” (inner corners)
  • give your learner a clearer and higher contrast visual edge cues
  • prevent dirt and dust-bunnies from building up in the gaps
  • improve your sound board's look 
  • give your sound board clean, straight edges and protect its connectors

Note: FluentPet Edge Pieces are only compatible with FluentPet Compact HexTiles. FluentPet Edge Pieces are not compatible with FluentPet Cross-Compatible HexTiles or FluentPet Big-Paw HexTiles. 

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